March 14, 2020

So here you are, on you journey and BAM- Coronavirus. The word itself now has a negative correlation, it has a trigger.What you feed, gathers energy. And right now you have over a billion people on the planet FEEDING and throwing energy at this thing. Whether they're criticizing it, fearful of it, prepping for it, discussing it, the main thought pattern for a mass of people is one thing. This virus itself isn't powerful because of it's viral or symptomatic properties, it's powerful because people are discussing it. They have personified it. They have taken a part of their energy and associated, or willingly gave it away to this. I am guilty of it, as I am writing this blog post, but I am doing so to attempt to reshape and give y...

November 10, 2018

You see that word and you cringe a little, admit it. It's a powerful word. 

Death takes many forms: Physical, Ego, Emotional etc...

We deal with death so poorly- as humans, as a society. It's saddening how under-appreciated death is.

Death is Transition.

In the simple form it means transmuting energy from one thing to something else. But again, we're humans and nothing is ever that simple.

As Shaman, I work with death closely. It's part of my purpose, it's part of my essence. I've managed, dealt with, and empowered death since I was a child. As a psychic-medium, I connected with spirit. I would go to family members' funerals and watch people sob all around me. I would watch them mourn as if they completely LOST someone. Thi...

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