September 5, 2016

Hello sweet souls!

In July, I had the most incredible life changing experience. It was a realization of what society is lacking. One key factor on why there are large amounts of violence, anger, and negativity. One reason that we are unable to connect with others on a deeper level. A more understanding level. A more loving level.

This key factor?


COMMUNITY! Something so important, something so easy. Something we are so incredibly deprived of. 

Let's get a tally going of our basic needs:





Let me break down what I mean by community. I am defining it as a group of people whom live near one another, whom care for one another, whom support each other. I speak of community as the ability to look out...

September 4, 2016

Hello beautiful souls,

Mercury Retrograde. What is your immediate reaction? Loathe it? Most people do. But you shouldn't.

I used to be the person who hated it, too. Until I was informed by my wonderful mentor, Ayamanatara, that it wasn't Mercury that had the issues- It was me.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Well, It appears that Mercury is moving in reverse, but it is actually just slowing down. The energetic forces of that effects us here on Earth, tremendously. 

It effects our moods, energy, legally-binding contracts, and even our technology. 

During Mercury Retrograde, it is very important to be present, and grounded.

We are constantly asking for breaks, for a time to just chill. Well here ya go!

Thanks Mercury :-*


August 21, 2016


Last night at my Full Moon Meditation~Goddess Empowerment. The theme of surrender came in to play. Surrendering. To cease resistance. To abandon one’s self entirely. Why is it so difficult for us, as humans,to just let go. To just completely allow the universal karmic energy to flow. Instead we choose to fight against something much bigger than ourselves, rather than just completely release all need of control. 
You are supported. You are protected. I completely surrender allowing the Universal energies to present me with all of my deserved blessings. 

Love&Light sweet souls. 

June 3, 2016

Becoming a parent forces you to experience emotions like you've never felt.

Every emotion under the sun, to the extremes.

Sadness, Happiness, Confusion, Frustration, Joy, Love-- all of these, amplified, times A BILLION!

I use the word force, because that's exactly what it is. It forces you out of selfishness, and forces you into love.

Becoming a conscious, and mindful parent forces something else to occur.

It forces you to heal.


While your child is growing, developing, learning, testing the limits, you are FORCED to focus on the events, the people, the situations, the life you once had prior to parenthood. Whether these situations be positive or negative, these situations laid down the infrastructure on which you have built yoursel...

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