How to spiritually cope with a pandemic.

March 14, 2020

So here you are, on you journey and BAM- Coronavirus. The word itself now has a negative correlation, it has a trigger.What you feed, gathers energy. And right now you have over a billion people on the planet FEEDING and throwing energy at this thing. Whether they're criticizing it, fearful of it, prepping for it, discussing it, the main thought pattern for a mass of people is one thing. This virus itself isn't powerful because of it's viral or symptomatic properties, it's powerful because people are discussing it. They have personified it. They have taken a part of their energy and associated, or willingly gave it away to this. I am guilty of it, as I am writing this blog post, but I am doing so to attempt to reshape and give you the tools to potentially take your power back. 


How do you take your power back? This method is applicable in all regards.


1.) Educate yourself

What are the symptoms? Who is most susceptible? Have you done any research for yourself, or did you just rely on the media? How did this pandemic start? Follow the $$$!!! Who is involved? What are the conspiracies? What are the statistics? What is the history of pandemics?


It is your responsibility to know the information through your own research and thought process. But allowing other people to tell you how to feel and relay information to you, you are throwing away your autonomy to think as a powerful individual. Knowledge is power. 



2.) Be aware of your reaction and triggers

How are you responding? Out of fear, anger, frustration? Can you identify all of the feelings surrounding the discussions you are having? How are you talking to others about it? What has your mood been like? 


It all boils down to responsibility. Being emotionally neglectful or disconnected snowballs into stress, anxiety, panic, and depression. This is where all your work and tools get utilized. Breathe. Have discussions with yourself, or others about your FEELINGS on the matter, not the judgement. Journal if you need to. Check-in with yourself through the day. What part of the pandemic stresses you out the most?



3.) Be present, and flow

Are you using the pandemic to fall off on your routine, or self care? Are you neglecting your health and wellness? Do you find yourself spinning out? Are you resisting change, and transition?


Hourly, new discoveries, information and statistics are being presented to the public. Information that could completely change your current life as you know it. School closures, lay offs, closing down shop, meetings and conferences cancelled, events and shows being postponed. Fuck. What do you do now? Flow. Human experience is about the ebb and flows, baby! It's about surrounding and letting the path lead you, not the other way around. It's about having faith in something so much bigger than yourself, and understanding that all is well, and things are as they should be. Take some time to recognize all the blessings, the delicate essence of life you take for granted. Be here now. Keep your routines going, alter them if need be. Drink your water consume good food, move your body! All of these essentials should not be neglected.



4.) Check the fear

What are you scared of? Dying? Contracting a virus? Having to be stuck at home with your kids indefinitely (valid)? Losing money? Losing a job?


It isn't love if it's fear. It isn't truth if it's fear. Check yourself. Check your spin outs. Anything that doesn't feel like love isn't reality. Don't play or get hooked into the illusion stories that your ego so gladly plays for you. You are going to be fine. Take your power back into love. Everything always works out in the end. Again, have the faith in yourself to manage and cope, and faith in The Universe to infinitely guide you to the path of your highest truth. 



5.) LOVE

do you really need eight jumbo Costco packs of toilet paper? Do you to clear the shelves off at the grocery store? Are you checking on your immunocompromised friends?


I shouldn't have to tell you to be a descent person, but be a descent fucking person. There are people less fortunate than you. There are people more susceptible than you. There are people who cannot afford to stock their pantries, or who don't even have pantries at all. This is not the time to give up on community in hopes that isolation will protect you. Show up for your neighbors, be kind to those who are also trying to cope in this new transitionary time. Donate to organizations helping those less fortunate, or show up for them. Check on your immunocompromised friends and family, ask to do their grocery shopping for them!



I hope you use these tools to spiritually empower yourself through this pandemic. 


Kiara Akasha


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