You Can't Miss Your Healing

January 27, 2019


Hello all! I have had a few clients express to me the anxiety of their healing work in the past couple weeks. That maybe they "missed" something, or that they won't achieve what they are working towards --and I have some words to share with you all about this.


You cannot miss your healing. Your healing is yours. It's on your timeline. It's your own connection with the multitude of your selves. 

If something occurred in the past that you are weary about, understand this, it was crucial to your current and future situations. It was a lesson and a blessing. It was the switched train track that redirected you onto your healing and blessing's path. 


Everything that is meant to be on your path will be on your path. If it doesn't show up, it was never yours to begin with. 

The beauty about being connected with your highest self is the understanding that there are no mistakes. Liberate yourself from the anxiety, worries, and pressure of thinking you need to be somewhere other than where you are, right now. 


The only time is now






Kiara Akasha

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