The Power in your Darkness

December 20, 2018

There is an immense stigma around sadness, depression, illness, and darkness. This is a stigma of things, situations, feelings, and people who make other people uncomfortable. Well... My entire goal is to absolutely shatter, burn, and destroy the stigmas of healing.

Just a quick tip- It is NOT your responsibility to make other people comfortable. 

The incredible thing about the human experience is the blessing of human emotions. Notice how I said, "blessing". We so often get lost in the feels, and even more than getting lost we judge these emotions. These incredible, unexplainable rawness of truths! Your truths! No one else's. The way you react, feel, experience, perceive, all based on these emotions. WOAH. So ask yourself why is your darkness so awful? Is it because society has told you so? Because you know what? The illusions of the society you so desperately invested yourself in are gone. No excuses exist anymore. Your darkness is your power, and it's your divine right to be able to navigate it. So when will you choose to step into it, rather than fear the unknown? All of your tools are readily available to you. I'm gonna mention the cliché. YOU are the light into the darkness. Allow yourself to illuminate your path. 


Love and Darkness,


Kiara Akasha

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