November 10, 2018

You see that word and you cringe a little, admit it. It's a powerful word. 

Death takes many forms: Physical, Ego, Emotional etc...

We deal with death so poorly- as humans, as a society. It's saddening how under-appreciated death is.


Death is Transition.


In the simple form it means transmuting energy from one thing to something else. But again, we're humans and nothing is ever that simple.

As Shaman, I work with death closely. It's part of my purpose, it's part of my essence. I've managed, dealt with, and empowered death since I was a child. As a psychic-medium, I connected with spirit. I would go to family members' funerals and watch people sob all around me. I would watch them mourn as if they completely LOST someone. This never made sense to me, As, I would see the spirit of their beloved, feel them and hear them-- It wasn't until I was older that I realized what a gift this was. On some realities, they have LOST them, even through it was just a transition. 


Death of an Ego. 

Spiritual Awakening has it's own symptoms. Ego "death" is one. If you are on your healing journey. You know what this feels like. The complete utter emptiness. The numbness ringing, radiating through you on a cellular level. The ultimate heart-wrenching brokenness. The deepest most darkest cavern of despair. Fuck, that feeling is DEATH. It's something you'll never forget. This is the utmost level of surrender. The ability to just let the waves crash into you, drowning you, with hopes that you will end up where you need to.

This is beautiful to me.

This moment of death is when you feel the most alive. 

The beauty of human emotions.

Every paradigm, and illusion you've worked so hardly to protect your entire life. Shattered. Just like that. Forced to transition, start over, rebirth. 


I've always believed death was under-appreciated. People so quickly sweep death under the rug as if it isn't happening. As if their loved one is a burden to their reality. We can't possibly appreciate and honor the souls transitions because we so quickly wrap ourselves in the correlation of death=negative.

When people announce they're having a baby there is a sense of happiness, newness, love and this is viewed as a positive life change.

When people announce they're dying, there is a sense of sadness, old energy, anger and this is viewed as a negative experience.

When in reality... it's just a transition. It's just as beautiful as birth, things are merely shifting. 


It should be celebrated, it should be cherished, it should be APPRECIATED. 




As I said earlier, physical death never affected me. It never broke me. I never felt like I lost someone. 

Until now. 

I watched my best friend lose her 2 year old daughter. I have never been so shook to the core. So horrified. So saddened. So questioning, and so absolutely bereaved. I'm mourning. hard. I watched someone I loved lose someone they loved.Yet, this grants me the gift of perspective. 

Helping that sweet baby cross over, watching her grow those beautiful oversized wings she carried proudly. I knew she was safe. But no one else really did. And this is a hard pill to swallow. But an absolute blessing, at most.



This painful mourning has shattered me, it has broken me, apart of me has died.



This is spiritual rebirth. This is healing. This is beauty. Things are shifting. 



 The Healer, The Angel, The Powerful Transmuter - Tinnley Reese Harmon 

I know your soul is not merely resting, you are too powerful that. You are the mover of mountains. You are the healer. You are the divine spark. There is no rest for power, only transition. I thank you sweet Tinnley, for brighting up my life. For showing me what gentle strength is represented by. I thank you for teaching me this lesson, and giving me the honor of assisting in your transition. I love you infinitely - through every timeline, and every dimension. You may run into my arms whenever necessary, and whenever not. 




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