The Act of Letting Go and Acceptance

November 25, 2017

Life is hard. Life is turbulent. It is full of love, full of passion, full of heartbreak, full of not understanding. 


We often ask ourselves, "why?". Why is this happening to me? Why do I have to go through this? What is the purpose of this? Is there a God? If so, how would they let this happen? We want to understand. We want to know. But most of the time, the growth comes from surrendering to it. 


Don't be confused with giving up, and the act of letting go. 


Giving up is not an option. It simply does not exist. Even in cases of suicide, the work is not finished, it has only just begun. 

You see, the only way to understand is to release the idea that you need to understand. 


Surrendering and letting go is the most difficult for the human species. We think we need to know everything, the purpose of all things, the next steps.

The reality is, we don't. We just gotta accept what is, and allow the undertow waves of life to take us to our next destination. 

Easy to say, hard to act on.


It is completely your responsibility to live a life that honors your journey. A life that stays true to your tides, and soul-needs.

Recognizing that ALL experiences are in fact blessings, no matter how shitty they are. Strength and growth come to us in our darkest hours, which makes these experiences crucial to our survival and our evolution on a spiritual, and physical level. 


My mentor, Ayamanatara, always speaks the words of: "Fear is the essence of the lack of the divine".

If you are fearful, you will have a more difficult time letting go and accepting, because you in fact believe that you aren't actually supported. 

When you know you are supported, that your God/Universe/Yourself has your back, you have nothing to fear. (which makes surrendering a hell of a lot easier)




So what steps can you take? 



Deepening your connection with yourself and/or the Divine

You can do this through meditation, yoga, going to church or temple, praying, hiking ANYTHING that makes you feel closer to God/Yourself. 


Practicing Self-Love

I shared an incredible article on the La Luna Facebook page that explained how Self-Love isn't just Mani/Pedi's, baths, and massages. Self-love is about taking the time to go to those deep dark places of yourself, and figure out WHO you are. Honoring the things that you make you feel worth it, and releasing the toxicity. 

Mani/Pedi's, baths, and massages can be used in combination with HARD growth. Consciously create a nourishing meal for yourself. Journal your experiences, traumas, and hardships. Taking care of your physical body. Moving the energy through working out, stretching, sex, anything!!!


Being Mindful of your emotions and your energy


I think this goes with the idea of self-love, but the energy you feel inside radiates in outside and affects other people. It is your spiritual responsibility to keep yourself in check. 


Ask yourself throughout the day "How am I feeling?" "Am I emotionally hurting?" "Am I having any physical pain?" "What is bothering me?"

Have a conversation with yourself, assess, and move forward. Cleansing with sage, salt baths, Earthing. 





Staying in a space of Gratitude


When you're in a space of gratitude it makes it a lot harder to be affected by the events in your life that could pull you down. You have all of these wonderful things occurring around you, acknowledging them is important. Keep a tally on the things you are grateful. 


Experience the Darkness


The only thing that makes Darkness  > Light is your judgement on it. People have made depression, anxiety, sadness, almost any emotion or emotional disorder a negative. It's not. It just IS. And by you trying to ignore these emotions, and feelings you are ultimately doing yourself a disservice by dismissing an opportunity to sit in the darkness and GROW. Growth happens in darkness. Take seeds for example, they are planted in the soil, in the dark. They have to sit with themselves and when nurtured they grow, and break through the soil. Their roots are their foundations. Buried in darkness, but remaining strong. 

When you're in a space of Darkness, just release the self-loathing, and embrace that this is a time for healing and connecting. It is a time for introspection.


This life is a very interesting one, we are being tested, and challenged at every twist and turn. This gives us the opportunity to grow by leaps and bounds. 




evolution=collective consciousness


and at the end of all this, you will be grateful you chose to be neutral, because you have experienced all that Earth has to offer. 


This is healing.



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