I Hope You Find The Courage To Grow

May 2, 2017




The ability to choose against ego. 

Courage plays a huge part in our lives. How often do we actually act out with courage, rather than fear?

Courage is the divinity behind our own self-respect and empowerment. If you take the leap to be courageous in your own actions, thoughts, and decisions, how could your life be different? What improvements would you see? How would your quality of life be improved?

When you choose courage, you choose growth, and you choose strength. 

Opting for courage means to soar towards the stars, rather than to comfortably sulk on the ground. 

Courage represents purpose.

Courage symbolizes power. Not just the egotistical sense of power, but the core definition. 

The core definition–most specifically–the soul definition of power is: the ability to be completely aware, mindful, and responsible for every part of your being. 

Being courageous enough to live in your truth. Know thyself–without illusions. Raw, untainted, perfectly imperfect self-awareness.



How will you choose to be courageous?


xoxo Kiara

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