Impatient? You're probably lacking self-confidence.

March 17, 2017

Impatience and Self-Confidence


You are probably asking yourself what the correlation between impatience and self-confidence is. I honestly asked myself the same thing when my guides dropped this wisdom bomb on me.  

During my morning meditation, my guides mentioned, "Your lack of impatience is caused by your lack of self-confidence. If you are confident and content in your current situation, you would not be worried about the linear time it takes to achieve something." Welp. Guides. Yet again, you are completely correct. 



Why are we constantly expecting things? Waiting for things? Dreaming of things? Obsessing over the future?

Why is is so difficult to marvel in our current situation?

Why do we find it so extremely hard to believe in ourselves, to know, that it'll be okay even if it doesn't happen right away?


We are a society that heavily depends on the feelings of instant gratification. For the most part, people lack the ability to soak in and live in the current splendor and beauty that life is offering.


This is why mindfulness is important. Taking the time to know yourself. { Mind, body, and soul } is of the utmost importance. 
Being able to fully breathe in yourself, acknowledge your love, and bathe in your truth is a beautiful thing.


Happy Friday, sweet souls. I hope for you to see the beauty, love, and magick today has to offer. 




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