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March 11, 2017


"What the hell is going on right now?" If you're anything like me, you ask yourself this question 5+ times a day. 

Sunday, March 12, 2017, we will be welcoming our powerful La Luna in Virgo. I am sure you are already feeling the pre-moon intensity. 

The Moon in Virgo is an optimal time for grounding. Seeing as though Virgo is an earthly sign. Take the time and focus and plant your feet in soil, sand, or natural water bodies. This will be conducive in giving you the Earth energy you need to slow down and be present.

Virgo focuses attention on deep-thinking. Be careful not to allow the ego to take control. Prompting this will create an over-thinking and self-criticizing outcome. Instead, channel the energy for provoking actions, plans, and ideas for personal growth, and empowerment. 

This is the time to reclaim your power. This is the time to really feel your strength. For womxn, this especially is the time to allow the moon energy to promote your confidence and your sole ability to accomplish all you set out to do.

Introspection in Virgo is key. Take the time to look inward and realize what it is exactly you want and need. Use the energy in this space for manifestation.

Self-healing in all regards (emotional, physical, and spiritual) is in abundance now. Channel the energy to better serve your higher purpose. 

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