Love, Support, Nourishment

October 18, 2016

Hello my sweet souls,


I am very excited to share these messages and affirmations with you.

This morning, as I was meditating, I asked my guides to present me with some key factors of the day. The things I am in need of. Things I am not fully receiving and need to become more open to receiving, or possibly switching my thought to be able to receive. 


The three things my guides mentioned were:


Love. Support. Nourishment.

The ability to live a conscious, appreciated, and happy life depends on these characteristics. I compiled my thoughts, and affirmations for these:


Love: I am open to receiving infinite love- in whichever shape that may take. I am open to the understanding of it not coming in a form I am used to. Love will flow though all of my channels, mind, body, soul, and higher self. I am willing and able to reciprocate love in all regards, including unfortunate situations and allowing and creating the transmutation of negative energy into something more loving. 

I am love. I receive love. I give love.



I am open and ready to receive an abundance of support. I recognize that the outpouring may not be in the form I am used to. I will honor and appreciate all support I am given. I will surrender to the ability of others' selflessness to be able to uplift me. I am confident in my ability to support others- becoming a catalyst for change. I will understand that negative energy released is a lack of support, and will surround them in the purest form of supporting energy,

I am supported. I receive support. I give support.


Nourishment: I am open to receiving the raw effects of optimal nourishment- in all regards, mind, body, soul, and higher self. I will be nourished. I understand that I control the vibrational effect own my own nourishment and will follow focus. I will nourish others with my actions, thoughts, love, and support. I understand that my fuel must be divine for my Sacred Temple.

I am nourished. I receive nourishment . I give nourishment.


I release you all to live your day well-

Full of love, support, and nourishment.

Where are you lacking these importances?

Where can you give more to? 

Where can you receive?

Be open, aware, and willing. 




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