Our Society Is Fucked Because It Lacks Something Major

September 5, 2016

Hello sweet souls!

In July, I had the most incredible life changing experience. It was a realization of what society is lacking. One key factor on why there are large amounts of violence, anger, and negativity. One reason that we are unable to connect with others on a deeper level. A more understanding level. A more loving level.

This key factor?




COMMUNITY! Something so important, something so easy. Something we are so incredibly deprived of. 


Let's get a tally going of our basic needs:






Let me break down what I mean by community. I am defining it as a group of people whom live near one another, whom care for one another, whom support each other. I speak of community as the ability to look outside of your own wellbeing and meet the needs of others. This is not happening in our society.



Story Time:

was heading to work the other day. I stepped into the elevator. Standing in an elevator with two other people, I began to observe, I began to become aware of the energetic exchange. It was something I was never fully conscious or present for. There was a woman in the corner on her phone;pacifying the awkwardness of having to be in close quarters with complete strangers. There was a man staring right at the doors-As his gaze (not meeting with mine) staring at the doors would allow the elevator to open any quicker. They were both ready for this uncomfortable situation to be over.


I walked out of the elevator in awe. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK JUST HAPPENED?!

This was so weird for me, and then I looked back to my experience, in July, at the Elements Family Gathering. This incredible event was located in the Sequoias, surrounded by nature, beautiful people, beautiful STRANGERS- who became FAMILY as soon as I said, "hello". 

I am constantly craving the interaction I had with these souls, on a conscious, more awakened, level. 


This was the dynamic:

EVERYONE LOOKED OUT FOR EVERYONE. Period. No ego, no bigger agenda. Just love. It was an incredibly beautiful thing to witness, and even more so, to be apart of. 


At Elements, I met strangers and in 5 seconds they were making sure my three year old was okay from falling off a log. In the elevator, I stood within 2 feet of strangers and they didn't even greet me.


How did we stray so far from tradition? The tradition of community.


How can we just be around people and not acknowledge their divinity, their presence?


Why do we live so separately? Why is any type of human interaction awkward? How can we change this?


It starts with us


We need to start the conversations. Start the interactions. Start looking out for the wellbeing of others, and most importantly, Start the love.







Why is community important? As humans, we have psychological needs. Needs that include feeling safe, comfortable, loved, and supported. Sometimes we are deprived of these needs from the people closest to us, A lack of these needs means suffering. It means sadness, anger, frustration, hate. These emotions brew up inside, and then channel outward, creating a snowball effect of negativity.

 We need rely on one another. We need to be able to allow others to help us, to support us. And we MUST start doing this for others. We are one. One human race.

The tactics to divide us has worked so well, to be able to deny our neighbors. We can be in close proximity to one another and not say a word. This needs to stop. If someone is in need, and you're in a situation to be able to help them. Help them. They are a member of your community.


With this message I send you all off. I surround you in abundance, and I lift you up. We do not need to carry ourselves selfishly. We can all benefit. It takes opening your heart, and allowing only love to come out and come in.


Love & Light,




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