Mercury Retrograde-The Break You're Always Asking For...

September 4, 2016

Hello beautiful souls,


Mercury Retrograde. What is your immediate reaction? Loathe it? Most people do. But you shouldn't.


I used to be the person who hated it, too. Until I was informed by my wonderful mentor, Ayamanatara, that it wasn't Mercury that had the issues- It was me.


What is Mercury Retrograde?

Well, It appears that Mercury is moving in reverse, but it is actually just slowing down. The energetic forces of that effects us here on Earth, tremendously. 

It effects our moods, energy, legally-binding contracts, and even our technology. 


During Mercury Retrograde, it is very important to be present, and grounded.


We are constantly asking for breaks, for a time to just chill. Well here ya go!


Thanks Mercury :-*

Whether you choose to slow down or fight the energy is your choice. But it would be in your best interest to just surrender, fully and openly.


Take this time to slow down. Take this time for self love. Take this time to not commit to anything. Allow yourself to review old patterns. What serves your best purpose? What doesn't? 


Honor you. Honor your feelings. Honor where you came from. Honor where you are. 


Let Mercury assist you in this. You are supported.


Slow down, and just be.


Love & Light,


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