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"I am still blown away by my tarot reading. Kiara's energy and blessings are mind blowning. The feeling of peace I have and carry with me from her reading is powerful. Thank you so very  much!! Many blessings and love sister."

Angela Crum

This is such an amazing healing center, I am absolutely in awe. Anyone living with pain needs to come have a reiki session with Kiara. I had a reiki session with her and it was the most powerful reiki I've ever had in my life. As a cancer survivor the chronic pain I have due to the organ damage is debilitating and can be very overwhelming, but in one session with Kiara, she provided me with so much pain relief, comfort, and peace. The pain relief was immediate and within a few seconds of her work, I began feeling a numbing sensation over my abdomen which was so strong I had never felt anything like it. She is the most amazing healer I have ever met. I've never gotten so much pain relief from reiki before and I highly recommend a session with Kiara for anyone who is suffering from pain, especially cancer related. Kiara not only provides pain relief and healing, she brings hope.

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